Russels Lof

Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy


This seagull had plans for a copious dinner…
I wachted him try to eat a young goose which seemed way to big for him. He tried and tried to swallow it, but he just did not manage to get it all in.

In the meanwhile there were other birds wanting to pick it from him when he once again had let his pray fall out of his beak. And there was this handsome dark spectator, that looked as shocked I as I was, watching this creepy scene. The only reason I kept looking (and even took photo’s!) was because the gosling was already dead and I was too curious if the seagull would finally succeed. It did!

More creepy posts: see the Weekly Photo Challenge at The Daily Post.

 PS With the lunch from yesterday and todays dinner, some of you may be slightly worried about the direction this blog is heading too…Don’t worry. My next post will definitely be something less creepy again… 

  1. Noortje, first of all, congrats with your nr 42.000 hit, probably happened a minute ago !
    Not so strange, because again you share with us such a great moment of how nature takes care.
    I started to worry a bit about who was going to eat the gull….
    Anyway, I will now finish desert… And a good glaasje of wine.
    Cheers to Russelslof

    • Indeed, and therefore we had a somewhat a-relaxed dinner, the other day in the restaurant at the beach… . There was this enormous seagull only a few meters away, intensely staring at our food. The waitress told us that the day before he, or one of his friends, had snatched a steak from one of the guests! My son ate his dinner twice as fast, that night…

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  3. José

    Ik heb ook een bril extra nodig omdat ik de eerste keer dacht dat het een kikker was.
    ( Maar toen zag ik de foto alleen in het klein op jou camera ) het blijft enigszins luguber maar wel heel mooi.

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