Russels Lof

WPC: the cherry on top


It was a hot summers night, a few days ago, when I sat in a field with beautiful grasses around me, I just hád to photograph. The sun was slowly setting but it was still hot and sticky. Diaz lay a few meters beside me, patiently waiting – as always – for me te get up again and continue our walk (which mostly takes ages).

Through the lens, I then saw something colorful appearing in the grasses. Since I had focussed a bit further away, it looked quite small and at first I thought it to be a green lacewing. But when I looked up from the camera, I could not find it… It took me a while of searching in the grasses to see it was a damselfly!


I carefully got a bit closer and with just slight changes in position and searching for the light and colors in the background, I managed to make a few different pictures of this wonderful creature in the already so beautiful grasses: a lovely cherry on top!


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    • Thank you! And yes, that is always like a miracle to me. Also when keeping the exact same position but slightly turn the focus ring (I am not sure this is the right word). Macro photography sometimes is like magic!

  1. Fantastic photos as allways Noortje. I love them all but I think the one at the bottom is my favourite since the background colours make the little insect more clear to see.

    • That’s my favorite too, the grasses also make it a bit painted-like… but that’s also what I wanted to show: working towards the ‘perfect’ photo. When I have the time with an insect (they often don’t agree to be my model and just fly away tsssss!) I try different things, make lots of photo’s, and then end up with a few nice ones and – when I am lucky – one that makes me really happy (where the result matches the experience in the field!)

      Thanks for your always such nice responses to my photo’s Lena!!

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    • Thank you Eliza!! And no thanks… I wish I could write all my blogs in English (too) for the international blog friends (and not only the photo challenges) but I am afraid my English is not good enough for the finesses I think are important in some of my story’s and texts, so I stick to my mother tongue… Just hope the photo’s are nice enough to make it worthwhile to come and have look here anyway… 🙂

  3. Amazing, never could I see so detailed the basic principles how to stick to your pole…..
    Sure I did check some of the other fruity challenges, but these cherries… They are so much You !
    (Less eatable though…..)
    Grtjes P

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  5. José

    Wat een verschil in kleur van de achtergrond doet voor het onderwerp. Je speelt zo mooi met de kleuren. Ik ben stiekem wel een klein beetje jaloers op jou, je ziet zo veel meer dan anderen. ik hoop dat je binnenkort op Texel weer wat mooie foto’s komt maken.

    • Wat een lieve reactie, maar jaloers zijn is natuurlijk nergens voor nodig. Ik ben ook anders gaan kijken juist door die macrolens (letterlijk en figuurlijk) en jij ziet vast weer andere dingen die ik niet direct opmerk, of die ik niet kan opmerken (dat fantastische eiland waar je woont bijvoorbeeld, ja, ik hoop dat het nog lukt om te komen…)

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